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Need to book a train station, airport, or city pick-up service?
We offer 6-seat vehicles with plenty of space for you and your luggage. Do not hesitate and call, we can always make a deal on price.
Nonstop in Martin, Vrutky.

Telefónne čísla

Taxi stand- railway station Vrutky
M.R. Stefanika Martin



Call or go to the parked car.



Book a taxi at the exact time to the address.

Ložná plocha

Small cargo

We'll take your new TV, refrigerator, or other cargo.

Zmlvná preprava

Contractual transport

For example, the transfer of employees to a work or to the home.

What we Offer

Our concern is your safety and comfort.

In addition to common situations, we can help you, for example, drive your car from a restaurant or disco if you have a couple of beers and you can not drive..

You can take advantage of the regular transport of people with monthly payment on the invoice

We also offer freight transport such as TV, smaller furniture, your moving items and others (the load can not smudge the interior of the vehicle).

You can also call us if you have an unexpected visit. We will buy for you, for example. a bottle of wine, alcohol, or cigarettes, and we'll bring it to you.

Rates for PH Taxi

Prices can be arranged in advance, otherwise according to the price list. Can not pay by credit card.

  • Starting fee
  • 1€
  • Price per kilometer
  • 1€
  • Waiting over 10 min
  • 10€/hour
  • Minimum cost
  • 2€
  • Wien-Schwechat airport
  • 150€
  • Bratislava airport
  • 140€
  • Krakow airport
  • 130€
  • Katowice airport
  • 140€
Updated 24.1.2020


Call if you need a taxi immediately.
Or write to us if you need information

Address :

PHTaxi Michaela Munteanu
Charkovská 4936/7, Martin 03608
IČO: 4642391

Email :



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